ALM Harvest of Songs Press Release

Harvest of Songs LogoNew York, October 24, 2015 – A Little Mandarin ( is featured on Harvest of Songs, a music-based educational resource for NYC watershed educators.  Toni Wang recorded “Wo Men Shi Hua Duo (We are Flowers)” with her daughters Liya and Zoe in partnership with renowned teaching artist Story Laurie McIntosh.

Harvest of Songs features 10 recordings of songs on topics related to gardening, farming and the watershed, as well as standards-aligned classroom activities. The songs come with lesson plans, lyric sheets and activities designed to allow teachers to easily incorporate them into their teaching plans. Teachers in the NYC watershed can download the songs and lesson plans for free.

“I love the idea of students all over the NYC watershed singing their hearts out about earthworms and pumpkins, and hope that some of that joy translates into a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the many forces that work together to make water come out of our tap and food appear on our table,” said Laurie McIntosh. 

Harvest of Songs is made possible by a Publication Education Grant administered by the Catskill Watershed Corporation, with funds from the NYC Department of Environmental Conservation, and a grant from the A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation.

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