A Little Mandarin Book Review

Doubly Diverse

A LITTLE MANDARIN was given this sweet book about a Chinese-American girl visiting Australia to review for Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2018.

WenMin Min Lightsdy Lee, the protagonist in The Mystery of the Min Min Lights by Janelle Diller, is an American visiting Australia.  The book is part of the “Pack-n-Go Girls Adventure” series introducing young readers (6-9 years old) to destinations around the world.  The book gives children exposure to Australia and Australian culture.  It concludes with a “What to know before you go” section including a recipe for Lamingtons (yum) and even a ‘Say it Like an Australian’ section, mate. Continue reading

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋快乐 zhōng qiū kuài lè

During the Mid- Autumn Festival countless families experience the  warmth and nostalgia related with this traditional celebration. Much folklore exists concerning the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival; be it the exciting tale of the Moon Goddess Chang’e or the fact that one time mooncakes were used as a vessel to transport messages secretly. Regardless of it’s origin, most notable are the loving memories shared with family and friends on this joyous occasion”.mooncakes-2016

Wishing you and your family all the best for a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival.  I wanted to share with you this marvelous message on the mooncakes (月饼) I received this year. These salty ones (bottom pic) are Suzhou-style savory pork mooncakes (肉月饼) , loved by all Shanghainese, from my paternal grandparent’s hometown. I hope  the holiday brings you many mooncakes(月饼) and more importantly the opportunity to connect with your family.