“Toni has taken traditional Chinese songs and made them fun and contemporary with her vocals and music arrangements.  Our youngest students love moving to the beat and we love using the CD!”    – Sharon Huang, Founder, BilingualBuds

“The singer has a beautiful vocal range, and the ability to sing popular children’s song in Mandarin. The music itself is cheerful, and upbeat! This is a perfect addition to anyone’s musical library, and a must when exposing children to different languages.” – Frances Evans, Discovering The World Through My Son’s Eyes

“A Little Mandarin is a compilation of popular Chinese children’s songs…Music transcends language, but it can also teach it…May these, and other tunes, lead to a lifetime of music, global understanding, and heightened sense of creativity.” – Anthony Jackson, V.P. Education, Asia Society’s Partnership for Global Learning

“Through the use of “A Little Mandarin”, our students are excited to hear the familiarity of some of their favorite English nursery rhymes and songs, and learn some fun Chinese songs as well!– Vanessa Ortiz, , Frontiers Academy, CA

“This CD is great for exposing kids to the Chinese language even if they don’t understand it yet.”   –

“A gorgeous CD of Chinese music that will brighten up your little one’s day and make the learning of Mandarin so much more fun and lively! It’s well produced and easily related to and created by an inspiring mother who wanted to make music that would encourage the learning of Mandarin Chinese for her own children.”  –

“The songs on your site were inspiring.”     – Jens Peter de Pedro, Toca Boca


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Miss Panda Chinese– Toni’s interview with Amanda, from Miss Panda Chinese (01.09.15)

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“I really like the Twinkle Twinkle song because it’s so interesting to hear that song in different languages. I thought the background rhythm of #4 and #9 were so different from most (American) children’s songs. All the music is upbeat, even if some are slower. I wish I had these songs when I studied Mandarin in college! My ears never opened up to those boring lab tapes.”     – Rosa (parent)

“Every now and then I use the pinyin lyric sheets to memorize another song… and I think — oh hey, this is a song about helping, or about counting on your fingers, cool!  And the fact that several of the songs are ones that my son had already heard and started learning…  well, like those old ads say, ‘priceless’.” Anne (parent) from Central PA

“I really like all the stuff that you sing, and I like the song with the two tigers, so I really like your songs. It makes me happy that you’re like singing all these things in Chinese, because I don’t know any Chinese. And my favorite song is the one…the first song that you sing…the wawa [doll] song.”     – Maya (5)

“I love Toni’s voice because it is so beautiful. I like that the songs are in Chinese instead of English and that they are kids’ songs!”     – Annalise (5)

“I like it. I like to dance to it. I like it when Danny dances to it too and I dance with Danny.”     – Sarah (4)

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