Press Release: ALM on Putumayo’s Asian Playground

Asian-Playground-CoverNew York, March 31, 2015 – A Little Mandarin ( joins the international artist lineup on Putumayo Kids latest album, Putumayo Kids Presents Asian Playground, available at retailers worldwide and iTunes.  A Little Mandarin’s song “Yī Fēn Qián (One Penny)” is featured on the album;  preview the music at Putumayo Kids.

“I’m proud to once again be included on a fun, high-quality Putumayo Kids production. I have long admired Putumayo Kids and share their passion for introducing children to other cultures through music” Says Toni Wang, creator of A Little Mandarin.

Asian Playground celebrates the incredible diversity of Asia. Featuring 11 artists from nine countries, this collection of children’s music mixes traditional sounds and instruments with modern styles. Toni is proud to be part of a line-up that includes such luminaries as Kailash Kher (India), The Shanghai Restoration Project (China) and Elena Moon Park (Korea).

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